The Power of NAD+

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vital coenzyme that plays a crucial role in essential cellular functions necessary for life. NAD+ is crucial for DNA repair and regulates various cellular processes which are closely linked to aging.

NAD+ Decline with Age

Aging often leads to declining NAD+ levels. This decline is linked to the aging process and age-related health issues

Increased NAD+ with NMN

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), is a precursor to NAD+. Supplementation with NMN helps boost NAD+ levels and slow down age-related cellular decline.

NMN is the Key To Cellular Energy & Slowing Down Aging

Promoting the generation of energy in cells

NMN is a cellular booster. It helps cells function better by generating higher level of NAD+, which is the energy source for cells. This boost makes your cells stronger leading to a healthier and more energetic body.
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

A fresh approach to anti-aging

Aging is inevitable, but NMN offers a groundbreaking approach to experiencing it differently. Instead of just addressing external appearances, NMN focuses on the core - our cells:
  1. Cellular Rejuvenation: NMN promotes DNA repair to prevent premature aging.
  2. Maintaining Youthful NAD+ Levels: NMN supports vital cellular functions by increasing NAD+ levels.
  3. Boosting Cellular Resilience: NMN provides cells with a protective edge, helping them stand strong against age-related challenges.

Human clinical trials show that supplementation with NMN DOUBLES the NAD+ levels in the blood

Zeleb+ NMN by Ernie Zakri

Science-backed NMN to defy aging - because your cells deserve the best

Benefits of NMN

99% Pure NMN

Elevates energy & vitality

Certified Halal

Slows down aging at its source –
the cells

250mg to effectively increase NAD+ level

99% Pure NMN

Elevates energy & vitality

Certified Halal

Slows down aging at its source – the cells

250mg to effectively increase NAD+ level

4 Main Active Ingredients

Anti-Aging & Cellular Maintenance

Further Increases NAD+ Level

What our customers say

I'm more productive and energetic. I've started working out and felt more positive. My skin looks healthier with no acne and I feel more confident with all these effects.
Ms. Ina
Zeleb+ NMN made my skin more radiant, leaving me feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day.
Ms. Fazza
My energy level has increased around 30% since I started consuming Zeleb+ NMN.
Ms. Jeanette Chan
Since taking Zeleb+ NMN, I feel more energized, sleep better and even my sister noticed my complexion is brighter!
Ms. Cyndi Cheong
I felt weird that I didn't feel hungry and tired after doing my chores. Then I realised, I did take 1 sachet of Zeleb+ NMN that morning. My skin also free from acne while I consumed this product.
Ms. Shaa
My face is clear from acne, I felt more energetic than usual and I sleep longer now from 3-4 hours to 6-8 hours after consuming Zeleb+ NMN. It helped a lot in term of energy and I had a boost of energy if I take it before breakfast.
Ms. Nurina
I'm not a morning person, but after using Zeleb+ NMN, it has improved my sleep-wake cycle. I'm easily wake up in the morning. Overall, it helps me a lot to go through my day as a mother.
Ms. Amira
I used to have dry skin on my arms and legs, but now it becomes smooth and nice since I started taking Zeleb+ NMN.
Ms. Learnie Gadores
My skin feels brighter and I feel good when I woke up in the morning!
Ms. Jac
I felt less hungry after consuming this product. My skin moisturized even without applying moisturizer. What I like the most is, the acne on my face reduced and I would recommend this to others.
Ms. Syuhadah
I felt more energetic and easier to wake up from sleep every morning. My body ache have reduced and I could still do chores after work. My face is also brighter than before!
Ms. Saliza
I felt less hungry as early as the first sachet. And I felt more energetic that I didn't realised the time passed so fast for the day.
Ms. Nadia
Zeleb+ NMN is unwavering in its commitment to delivering quality and trust to consumers. With a dedication to excellence, our product ensures a reliable and premium solution for your health and well-being, proudly certified as Halal to meet the diverse needs of our valued consumers. For more information, contact us at or contact: 011-5583 8289

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Ref: Okabe, K., Yaku, K., Uchida, Y., Fukamizu, Y., Sato, T., Sakurai, T., ... & Nakagawa, T. (2022). Oral administration of nicotinamide mononucleotide is safe and efficiently increases blood nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide levels in healthy subjects. Frontiers in Nutrition, 9, 868640.
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